Always In: Direct-Mail Postcard Trends

One of the most widely used strategies, direct-mail postcards remain an effective tool for driving customer turnout.

Always In: Direct-Mail Postcard Trends

by Harry Williams - Last Updated on May 27, 2021

Out of the different marketing strategies used by countless companies over the world, direct mail postcard printing is probably one of the most widely used. This fact is not too surprising, seeing as postcards remain to be effective in driving customer turnout and response for companies of different sizes and structures. And of course, for such a popular strategy, it only follows that certain trends are formed over the years made up of the most advisable things to do when it comes to direct mail marketing.

Here are a few of them.
Custom sizes. In this case, “custom” usually means larger sizes. It’s the simple idea that the larger your postcard, the more prominent it is and the greater the impact it has on your customers. With the right strategy, smaller sizes can be eye-catching too, though, and in the end it would still be your decision to make. As long as you understand that size is an important consideration, it’s your call.

Coupons. Almost everyone has gotten their hands on a postcard coupon at one point, whether from a digest subscription or any other source. There is nothing like the excitement of receiving a special offer, discount, or freebie through the mail, and companies take advantage of this by turning their postcards into creative coupons. Examples of this could be turning a folded postcard into a tear-off coupon that could be used as tickets to a concert or event or creating a postcard that offers discounts as well as contain sign-up sheets for special promos. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Targeted mailing. The daysof hitand miss are over with the dawn of niche marketing. Companies are now refining their mailing lists in order to come up with names and addresses that promise the best results, unlike before with the more general approach to sending out postcards. The mentality for this is pretty easy to follow. If you only send out to those who are most likely to buy, then you waste fewer materials, get more sales, and generate more profit. It’s an overall win across the board.

Green postcards. This doesn’t need much explanation. We only have one planet to take care of, and if companies can contribute to the cause while at the same time producing effective marketing materials, then that’s as close to ideal as you can get. And after all, customers are becoming more aware in recent times and are more likely to go with green-friendly companies more often than not.

Here are some but certainly not all of the different postcard mailing trends to follow. Need some help designing your own postcards? Check out these postcard design articles.

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