Direct-Mail Postcard Trends

One of the most widely used strategies, direct-mail postcards remain an effective tool for driving customer turnout.

Trendy and Timeless: Direct-Mail Postcards

by Harry Williams - Last Updated on March 30, 2022

Postcards remain effective in driving customer turnout and response for companies of different sizes and structures. Direct mail postcards reach your target market in their mailbox and have a higher chance of being read versus other channels. Even in the age of social media and digital ads, direct mail receives a higher response rate at 9% vs. social media, email marketing, and paid ads with a 1% response rate. Customers are also more likely to read your direct mail postcards as they spend time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The inordinate time spent at home has also brought about digital fatigue, which will distinguish your printed message against the constant content seen on screen.

Direct mail postcards maintain their relevance through marketing tactics and design trends that innovate the presentation of your message. Check out some of the latest direct mail postcard ideas you can incorporate into your next campaign.

Direct Mail Postcard Marketing Trends

Large and distinct postcard sizes

Size matters and should be considered as part of your marketing strategy. The larger your postcard, the more prominent it is and the more significant its impact on your customers. You can now mail 9" x 6" postcards for First-Class postcard rates allowing you more room for your headlines, copy, images and CTAs.

With the right strategy, smaller sizes can be eye-catching too. It will depend on what you need to emphasize and how your audience will read the message.

Mail to digital interaction

Direct mail is continuing to evolve to keep up with mobile and other print technologies. USPS offers a discount when you incorporate emerging technologies such as virtual reality, enhanced augmented reality, and video in print on first-class cards and marketing mail flats. A more interactive face on your postcards drives higher customer engagement, higher response rates and ensures you stay top-of-mind.

Utilize interactive or simple designs

Apart from interactive technology incorporated into your postcard printing, you can also execute simpler designs like folded self-mailers to reveal a special message. Avoid the dated layout of fitting all the details into one space. Stir your customer's attention to one central point like a big image or lead their eyes throughout your message with layouts that maximize space. A simple, minimalist design relays essential information and keeps the consumer's focus on what they need to know.

Coupons that benefit your customer

There is nothing like the excitement of receiving special offers, discounts, or freebies through the mail, and companies take advantage of this by turning their postcards into creative coupons. Be sure to send out deals that are relevant , personal and ones your customers will want to use. Study their demographic data and buying habits to add personalization in your postcard coupons. For example, you could send discounts for accessories on a postcard with an image of your customer's latest purchase. For first-time and new customers, a map of your closest retail stores can lead them to where they can use the accompanying coupon.

Targeted mailing that reaches a specific market.

The days of hit and miss are over, thanks to the power of niche marketing. Companies are now refining their mailing lists to come up with names and addresses that promise the best results. You can create a database based on your current customer list or employ the EDDM postcards USPS map that lets you filter addresses based on age, income, or household size. If you only send out to those most likely to buy based on specific information, you waste fewer materials, get more sales, and generate more profit. It's an overall win across the board.

Eco-friendly and sustainable postcards.

We only have one planet to take care of, and if companies can contribute to this while carrying out their work, we'll guarantee longer life for many. Postcards offer a more sustainable alternative compared to the increased greenhouse gases from powering digital and video channels. On the other hand, a direct mail campaign lets you order in a limited amount to reduce paper used. There's also the option to print on recycled stock. Every choice you make with direct mail postcards keeps the environment in mind.

Direct mail marketing continues to be a timeless and trendy strategy for most businesses. It offers you the opportunity to directly reach a targeted audience, save on production costs, and still offer an appealing message they are more likely to read and act on. Start incorporating direct mail marketing trends today into your campaign and reap the benefits of an effective campaign.

Postcard Marketing Strategy Ideas

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