Print advertising is the tried and true method for establishing and reinforcing your company’s brand.

Branding Through Print Advertising

by Harry Williams - Last Updated on June 30, 2021

Print advertising is the tried and true method for establishing and reinforcing your company’s brand.  The reason is simple - printed materials stay in front of your customers for a longer period of time than other advertising methods, such as television or radio.  But where can you start?  What are the best ways to brand through print advertising? This article will give you a framework for a well-rounded print advertising campaign designed to reinforce and build your brand.  

1. Corporate identity

First and foremost you have to standardize your general correspondence with customers and even employees.  Your logo, tagline, and other basic contact information should be carefully established and developed.  When you are initially establishing your brand, or even re-branding, here are the typical items you need to develop for print advertising:

2. Public relations and press releases

Anytime you launch your brand or re-brand your corporate identity, consider a public relations campaign that includes press releases.  These are very easy to develop and distribute to media outlets in your region.  Make sure that you send out any correspondence on company letterhead and consider sending high quality representations of your logo so that the media can reproduce your new identity accurately.  

3. Direct Mail

When you have your basics covered and an initial press release launched, consider a direct mail campaign using postcardsflyers, and brochures to thoroughly establish your brand with your current customer base.  It’s exciting when a new company is launched or an existing company re-brands, so let current customers know and involve them in the excitement around this event.  

4. Posters and banners 

You can further promote your brand through print advertising with posters and banners.  Remember to include your logo on all of these print mediums, since your logo is the centerpiece of your brand.  Posters and banners are an excellent way to spread the news to the general public, as opposed to direct mail campaigns.  

5. Other print advertising mediums 

A short list of other advertising mediums that you may want to include are:  

Don't forget that effective branding is accomplished through a variety of print advertisements. The list above will help you get started in a print advertising campaign for branding your company successfully.

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