No matter the purpose, your poster printing will be effective if you keep a few key design pointers in mind

Advertising Your Sports Events with Posters

Posters play several roles in advertising your sports event. You can excite people with large bold posters before the game and bolster player awareness with posters at the event. Posters can also notify people of concessions at the time of the game. No matter the purpose, your poster printing will be effective if you keep a few key design pointers in mind. 
Print Large! 
Make sure that your poster is big enough to be seen from at least 30 feet away. In some cases, posters should be clear from across the field. In addition to the actual size, certain content needs to be large as well, including your headline and the team names. Posters need to grab attention so the bigger the better. 
Be Concise 
People only look at your poster for a matter of seconds, so they should be able to understand your message instantly. In order to accomplish this task, keep the message simple. If you are advertising a game, be clear about which game. Short phrases serve as great headlines because they are easily read. 
Use Graphics 
Graphics grab and hold the attention of your audience. Your graphics should reinforce your message, so use pictures of MVPs to remind fans of past victories. Or use pictures of the stadium or action shots from past games to get fans excited about a new game. Just remember to always use high resolution pictures. Poster printing should be finished in gloss to show of the pictures. 
Select Content 
You should always include the team's logo. This symbol is associated with team pride and will help to mobilize your fans. The date, time, and location of the game should be easy to see on the poster. Keep the content down to a minimum. Your headline and game info will stand out more if you keep the text and graphics simple. Most of the time you get higher impact with fewer distractions. 
Use Individual Player Posters 
Consider printing a set of posters for each individual player. Feature their picture and personal accomplishments on their poster. This will boost the confidence of the players while fans will become more familiar with them. 
Follow Poster Printing Tips 
When you are done with your design, you are ready to send it to a poster printing company. Save your poster as an Adobe PDF, since this is the best file format to work with. It will translate with any program that printers use. Be sure to send your files to your poster printing company in plenty of time to get them hung well before the game.

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