Unlike direct mail, posters do not include mailing expenses or the need for a client list.

7 Tips for Advertising with Posters

Posters are a cost-effective way to market your small business. Unlike direct mail, posters do not include mailing expenses or the need for a client list. Yet, with poster printing you can build a client base because of the ability to reach a large general audience in a relatively short amount of time.

If you have never before designed posters, or even if you are looking to improve your design, try using the tips below for posters that get noticed.

1. Choose your format size and font sizes based on the locations you are planning to post your advertisements. Make your posters the same size as other competitors' nearby. Also take into account how far away people will be passing by your poster. In general, text should be readable from 15-20 feet away.

2. Sketch out your design on paper before laying it out on a template. You might want to use some colored pencils to play around with colors. Seeing a sketch beforehand helps the design process to go more smoothly.

3. Place the title at the top of the text since the eye naturally begins there first. Underneath the title, the flow of a poster should go from the top left and end in the lower right corner with the call to action - a backward "S" pattern.

4. Images are the first item on any page that viewers look at first. Therefore, place your photographs in a position that causes a natural movement to the headline, such as on one side only. Print out a sample on your office printer to see if the flow of information is natural.

5. Your title should be engaging, witty, intriguing, thoughtful, anything that makes people stop and want to know more. Don't use all caps. Instead, use a large font size that is easy to read and make your title stand out by use of contrasting colors.

6. Stick to two or three colors at the most. The colors you choose should match the image of your company and also create an appealing contrast.

7. Finally, use a wholesale printing company to keep your costs low. Just be sure that your poster printer uses full color offset printing so that only your price is cheap, not the printing results.

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