Keep Your Poster Advertising Relevant With These Tips

Poster advertising is a popular promotional vehicle we see everyday everywhere we go. With the larger amount of space posters naturally provide compared to other marketing materials, your graphic ads are more visible, more attention-grabbing and has a greater chance of getting people to slow down to take a second look.

Having said all that, with such benefits offered by this printed product, you would think using posters to advertise your business renders you ahead of the game. But unfortunately, that's not all it takes.

I've often been told that it's not always how much you have but what you make of it that can make the difference. And so it goes with posters. Just like any other marketing vehicle, designing your advertising poster also takes time and a lot of thought. Here are some basic ideas from our professionals on how to make your ads stand out more.

Design. There is no doubt on how important the part a good design plays on the overall performance of your ad. Get them to stop for at least 2 seconds to read your headlines and at the end of the day, your advertising performance isn't half bad. But how do you come up with a stunning advertising poster design? There are two ways to go about this. The first is to come up with a fresh new style or theme that is in-tune with the trends or current happenings surrounding your campaign. And the second is to check out what the competition is doing, grab the good points, scrap the bad, add some of your own business flavor and voila! And always remember, in the world of design, color is as important as, if not more than, the lines and sketches itself.

Quality. Look out your car window while driving by the metro one day and you'll see tons of posters everywhere. Just by scanning through these ads, it is easy to tell which ones are sharper, more defined and more “out there”. With this little test, it is very apparent that where you get your posters done is as important as how you get it done. At PrintPlace we make sure that your advertising posters are delivered with topnotch quality and with a presence that communicates the professionalism and reliability of your business.

Ad Copy. Once you get the attention of your readers, it's now up to the appeal of your ad copy to ultimately relay the message of your marketing campaign. Just some quick notes to remember: 1 – Don't forget to mention the word YOU several times and 2 – Don't use the same words as your competition. To dwell a bit on the second point, everybody knows that the world doesn't react much to copycats. And so with that, once again, competition research is required. Know what the other companies want to say, why they want to say it, what approach they're taking and lastly, if you think their strategy makes sense. It would be a big punch in the gut if you had to adapt someone else's mistake. Analyze their message and if it makes sense to you, then try to inject some of your own ideas in it. And remember, fresh products sell fast. You can twist an old message around and make it sound like new by using different words, different mood and a different approach. Response can sometimes be found in the unusual.

Set a Goal. So now that your readers are under the spell of what your full color posters has delivered, drive the nail and get them to try out your products or services. Make sure to provide information on how they can get in touch with a store or an associate. It also never hurt to offer discounts, promos or what we usually refer to as a “bait”. On another note, make sure you indicate a time limit to increase that sense of urgency on your readers' end.