Postcard Message Ideas

Communicate your message to customers effectively and cost efficiently with postcard printing.

Postcard Message Ideas

by Harry Williams - Last Updated on May 27, 2021

Many businesses use postcard printing to communicate with customers cost effectively.  But what kind of message are you sending your customers with your postcards?  Are you inspiring them to actually visit your website or give you a call? 
In this article, we discuss a couple of messages that you can include with your postcard printing campaign.  Of course, whatever message you choose should fit both your customer’s needs and your own company’s value proposition.  So, think carefully when designing your message, and give these suggestions consideration as they have proven to be effective. 
Create demand 
Sometimes your customers may not be aware of a problem.  They may have simply grown accustomed to particular issues and not even realize that a simple solution was available.  This requires careful thinking as you do not want to be too negative.  Still, get creative and think of ways your customer could use your products and services to solve issues. 
Offer solutions 
This message is different than creating demand because you are focusing on clear problems of which your customer is already aware. Instead of focusing your customer’s attention on a problem, you’re showing them why their lives will be better if they use your products and services.  While this may seem like a subtle difference from creating demand, the tone is typically much more upbeat and positive. 
Creative ideas 
You may also want to consider telling your customers how their peers or competitors are using your products and services in unique ways.  This does not work for all companies.  If you sell office supplies, as an example, there just are not too many creative ways to use paper and pens.  Still, look for creative ways that some of your customers are using your products and services and show these off with your postcard printing campaign. 
Don’t forget… 
If you’re going to communicate a strong message with your postcard printing, here’s a quick little checklist of things you should not forget:

  • Your contact information – web site, phone number, or an email address
  • Keep it simple – don’t put too much information on your postcard
  • Full color – a strong message on a boring postcard is a waste of time and money

With these ideas in mind for your postcard printing campaign, you should be able to develop messages that can inspire your customers to check your company out.  After all, the whole point of any advertising is to improve sales, and a customer on your site or in your store is much more likely to make a purchase.

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