Direct mail is an ideal way to market your church.

Grow Your Church Community Through Direct Mail

Are you looking to grow your church and your community? One of the best ways to do so is to utilize direct mail to prospective churchgoers throughout your area for your church marketing. You can quickly and easily create specialized marketing to best publicize your church in order to attract new people.

Watch the short video on this page for more information on the direct mail process.

As the video explains, direct mail is easy and can quickly help you to grow your community by reaching out to those who live in the surrounding areas.

First, you will need to design the mail pieces. Make the mailer eye-catching but also fairly simple, with a clear call-to-action. Creating a mail piece with too much detail or information will prevent people from looking at it, so keep it minimal in text and design. A “call-to-action” is something that gets the viewer to take action, whether that is a phone number to call, a link to go to on the internet, or a specific day to come to the church (for a special mass or get-together for new church attendees perhaps?) Make it specific so that you can track the effectiveness of your mailing.

Church Direct Mail Marketing

Once the mailer is designed, you will work together with to best figure out the mailing routes that will get the optimal results for your church. This can be specialized by a number of qualities like city, zip code, or family size. You will be able to pick specifically who your mailing will target.

From there will take care of the rest of the church marketing process by ensuring that the mailers will be delivered to the correct homes, garnering the most potential new churchgoers, and assisting in growing your community through direct mail.

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