Whether advertising for an event or an established congregation, posters are worthwhile and cost-effective.

How To Promote Your Local Church Event

Whether you need to advertise for one-time event or for an established congregation, advertising with a poster campaign is worthwhile and cost-effective. Because they are low-cost, posters allow for frequent updates without going over budget. The first step is to define what you want to accomplish with your marketing dollars, such as to grow your congregation. Once that is done, consider these tips when planning your poster printing campaign.

1. Market 
The target market you are trying to reach will influence design and placement of your posters. The design needs to present an honest picture of what attendees will find when they come to your event. Place posters in the path of your audience: in the area surrounding professional buildings or high traffic tourist areas, college campuses or popular student hang outs, etc.

2. Consistency 
Getting your poster in front of folks does no good if they cannot identify your church at a glance. Use your name or logo in a format that will be immediately associated with your church throughout all of your printed marketing materials. Maintain the same tone as well. For instance, if your establishment is an edgy, modern church targeting towards college students and young married couples, use a grunge theme for all of your poster printing designs.

3. Details 
Don’t forget to include the address, time, and any relevant contact information for your event. If there is a charge for attending or advanced notice is required, be sure to give fee amounts and registration deadlines. Be sure to include a few phrases telling how the event will benefit attendees, and maybe even a few short testimonial comments.

4. Timing 
Planning events to coincide with popular outreach times is a great way to take advantage of groups who might not normally attend church events, such as during seasonal times like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving as well as Mother’s and Father’s Day, Fourth of July, etc. Very many non-religious people are drawn to the joy of religious fellowship opportunities at these celebratory occasions. Planning your poster printing campaign to coincide with holiday planning is an excellent way to reach new folks who might otherwise not consider attending.

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