Strong design along with high qulity printing make your brochure an effective product.

Creating Marketing Brochures

One of the first things a small business is likely to spend money on is creating a brochure or flyer to announce their product, goods and services. However, without a strong design to catch clients’ attention, a company may well be wasting their money. Creating an effective brochure doesn’t have to be an intimidating task, however. Keep these basics in mind when designing your brochure and you’ll end up with an effective product every time.

Print Layout Size

Creating correctly sized columns for your brochure is essential in achieving a product that represents your company properly. Don’t leave it to guesswork. At, we offer several kinds of free brochure templates which are highly customizable. Our templates have been created to cater to a wide range of applications with brochure dimensions set as accurately as possible.

Print Bleed

A bleed simply refers to the extension of color or images to the finished edge of your brochure. In order to achieve the correct bleed for your product, you must include the additional color or image beyond the finished size to ensure solid ink coverage. Design your brochure with an additional 1/8” on each side, to ensure the final printed product will be completed to your satisfaction. You can find additional information about bleed and other technical, print and design tools on our website at

Print Resolution

The inclusion of high resolution images is a key component to achieving a professional looking finished brochure. At, we recommend a minimum resolution of 300 dpi to accomplish a high quality printed brochure. If you have any questions or concerns about the resolution of your images, contact our customer service representatives for assistance – they are always here to help!

Paper Selection

The weight, finish and feel of your printed brochure tells the reader a lot about your company. Need help determining the right paper for your job? Request a free sample kit from You will receive materials in each size and paper type that we print. Each piece is clearly labeled for your convenience, so you can touch, feel and compare to your heart’s content.

Originality and Creativity

Carefully consider what you want to say to your clients with your brochure. Be brief but descriptive enough to highlight the features and benefits of your company’s products or services. Be as complete as possible in your list but filter out items that you think are redundant or less important. Keep your sentences concise but thorough. Regardless of the type of business you’re in, whether it’s financial, industrial, retail, medical, travel or any other type, your custom sales brochure is pertinent marketing material.

Your marketing brochures effectiveness is affected by the duration of time it spends in the possession of your audience. The longer your brochure is in someone’s hands, the higher the chances that your readers are reminded of your brand. Customize your full color brochure to make it stand and to help in making your brochure a keeper. Check out alternative stocks, sizes, configurations and folding options to make your finished piece more unique. is well-equipped and well-staffed with the right printing and finishing equipment and people to enable the production of full color marketing brochures. With a wide array of design, stock, size, folding and finishing choices, creating marketing brochures that preserve your design’s brilliance is easy, and it’s easiest when you choose as your printer.

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