How to Design an Awesome Brochure

Brochures are designed to hold a significant amount of information. Here are some tricks to keep people reading.

The Six Things You Can Do To Make Your Brochures More Interesting

Creating a brochure takes time and money, so be sure your investment in a brochure printing is well spent by making your brochures as interesting as possible. Brochures are designed to hold a significant amount of information, so you need extra tricks to get people to turn the page and keep reading.

1. Use an Unusual Fold  Most brochures involve the tri-fold, so using a different fold in your brochure printing order can really make a difference. You might use the gate fold or half fold which both open up so that the reader can see the whole paper at once. This allows you to include much larger images, which has a bigger impact than several small images or an image that is broken up by folds.

2. Play with Your Pictures  Even a novice using Photoshop can enhance images. You may need to do something as simple as adjust the contrast or color saturation. Make sure your pictures fit your company. For instance, if you are designing a brochure for a body shop, you might want the images to be very clear cut and glossy rather than blurry and dreamy looking. In general, keep in mind what you are trying to communicate with your brochure printing. Remember that pictures communicate even more than print.

3. Choose a Fitting Font  Use a font that people will notice but that is still easy to read. And make sure that your font style fits your brand. For example, if you are promoting a children's clothing store, you could use a font that looks like handwritten letters.

4. Ask a Question  On the front page of your brochure, ask a question that requires the reader to open the brochure to find out the answer. Be sure it's a question about something that benefits your audience.

5. Use Great Graphics  Instead of just using regular two-dimensional graphics, why not tap into the third dimension? Make your graphics jump off the page and grab your reader with 3D images. Just don't use more than one or two per brochure printing or the brochure will seem too busy.

6. Use an Exciting Background Color  If the current trend in brochure printing is to use white or pale backgrounds, your brochure will stand out if you take a chance and go bright. Use something playful or exotic like lime green or tangerine. Or, if you can spend a little extra money on your brochure printing, go with a metallic background for extra pizazz. 

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