Decide what brochure paper and coating are right for you with our free sample brochures.

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Sample Brochures Let You See and Feel Before You Buy

It can be difficult to tell much about online brochures from a computer screen. No matter how close your eyes get to your monitor, you can’t see if the paper is good quality or if the ink is printed cleanly. We don’t want your eyes to hurt, so we let you see sample brochures in person. We will send printed samples right to you. You can examine the pristine ink and feel the strong paper for yourself.

Because clients associate the quality of a brochure with the company it represents, a top-notch brochure is always your best bet. Printed brochures are so convenient and versatile that they are a necessity for many businesses. The same brochures come in handy for many different situations. They provide information to customers, advertise products and services, and can be part of a sales pitch.

The people at understand how important your business or organization’s reputation is to you and why quality is paramount. We make this easy to maintain because everything we print is high-quality and consistent.

 Image of trifold brochure.If you would like proof of this promise, just ask for your free brochure samples and we will be happy to send them right away. You will see samples of our paper and coating types as well, so you can feel the quality in your own hands.


Here are just a few highlights that you’ll discover in our sample kit:

Brochure coating samples

Our brochure paper comes in different coating choices: gloss, matte, high gloss UV, and uncoated. Each paper coating has a different appearance. We don’t expect you to know the difference though. We’ll show you. Our sample kit includes these coating types so you can clearly see which look is right for your business’ brochures. It’s easy to understand when you have each type laid out in front of you to feel and compare.

Brochure paper samples offers several brochure paper choices so you can customize your brochures to your needs. There are two cover stocks and three text stocks to choose from. Our sample kit gives you each of these paper types to hold as well.

Proof from printed sample brochures

It won’t take long! We understand that you are pressed for time, so we’ll mail a sample kit to you as soon as we receive your request. Once you receive it, don't hesitate to call us or chat online with a live customer service rep if you have any questions. They will be happy to help make sure your experience with us is more than satisfactory, whether ordering brochures or any other printed materials.

With physical proof of our quality offset printing, you will be eager to order some custom brochures of your own.

For free sample brochures, request a sample kit online or call us at 877-405-3949, M-F (6am-10pm CT), Sat-Sun (8am-7pm CT).

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