Getting Better Brochure Printing Prices

Prices to print brochures can be a huge part of your marketing budget, so you need to be able to get the most for your dollar. While certain factors like color or black and white were a part of printing in the past, modern brochure printing prices are affected more so by other options.

Every brochure marketing campaign needs to cover the basics: attention grabbing headlines, clear offer, easy to find contact information, and call to action. But adjusting these elements doesn’t change your price. To really improve your return on investment, you have to look at the size and quantity of your brochures.

Right size
Size matters in most things, and this is also true for brochure printing prices. A small change in size can mean the difference between an effective campaign or not, so some good research is in order.

Want to see how size affects price? Just use our Instant Pricing form to see how much prices go up or down, depending upon your selection. Want to see how size affects conversion rate? That’s where trial and error comes into play. Just be sure you understand your customer and what they expect.

Right quantity
The other major factor with brochure pricing is quantity of brochures. The simplest way to approach the problem is that more brochure printing means less per brochure. For example, increasing an order from 1,000 to 2,000 brochures will likely only affect a change in price of around 25%.

Use the Instant Pricing form to see exactly how this works. You might be surprised at what you find. A few extra brochures can mean the difference between including a different set of customers you might have excluded otherwise.

Final thoughts
Reducing overall cost or cost per piece is typically closely tied to size and quantity. has made the Instant Pricing tool available to customers so the decision-making process will be a lot easier. With a few adjustments to the form, you should be able to find that perfect balance.

Brochures can take your business to new heights! Capitalize on high quality brochure printing at low prices every day. Shop our brochures and see for yourself.

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