Tips for Bulk and Direct Mail Postcards

Bulk and direct mail postcard campaigns are surprisingly inexpensive yet consistently effective marketing tools.

Tips and Tricks for Bulk and Direct Mail Postcards

by Harry Williams - Last Updated on May 27, 2021

Bulk and EDDM postcards are nothing new.  But the fact that businesses continue to use this marketing method is an indication that it’s working.  Your company can take advantage of bulk and direct mailing, but there are many pitfalls of which you should beware.  Instead of trying to learn all of the rules, regulations, and limitations around bulk and direct mail postcards, you should consider working with a printing firm that can offer mailing services
Bulk and direct mail postcard campaigns are effective because they reach such a large audience.  The prices for these campaigns can be surprisingly inexpensive.  Working with a printing firm that offers mailing services can help you realize these price efficiencies, which in turn can save you money which you can reinvest into a larger campaign. 
Price breaks on postage rates 
Printing firms that offer mail services can pass along price breaks by pre-sorting and pre-processing your bulk mail campaign.  The post office offers significant savings since their staff will not have to do this work.  The savings can be passed on directly to you.  But there are rules and procedures that must be followed, and a printing firm with mailing services will know how to handle this process effectively. 
Permits and restrictions for mailers 
Bulk and direct mail requires a mailing permit.  This is known as indicia and replaces the need for a stamp.  An imprint is usually stamped in the upper right corner of your postcards where a stamp would normally go.   
There are also size and packaging limitations.  Your printing and mailing firm can help you make sure that your postcard printing campaign fits within these narrow specifications.  Other limitations include content and context rules, and your printing firm can help you with these as well. 
Final thoughts 
Bulk and direct mail postcard campaigns are surprisingly inexpensive yet consistently effective marketing tools.  Your business can waste a great deal of time and money, not to mention miss out on important price breaks, if specific rules and regulations are not followed.  Rather than trying to figure out all of these out on your own, think about working with a printing firm that also offers direct mail services.

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