Invest in business cards with a catchy and creative slogan that makes you stand out.

How to Make Your Business Card Slogan Stand Out

Could a catchy slogan for your business actually help close sales and bring in more revenue for your company? Aside from standing out from your competition, you want a slogan that will instantly connect with your customers and one that tells them a little more about your business. Whether it be your business culture, business goals, or the results a customer should anticipate from your business, the slogan should clearly identify you.

Gone are the generic slogans just to have something on your business card. Your business card is one of your most important investments! Take the time to either sit down with your team, or by yourself, and brainstorm what makes you unique. Mix it in with your business card slogan ideas. Can you describe it in one sentence or less? Make sure to stray away from overused words and terms like "number one", "best" or "award-winning". These have been so overused that they no longer mean much to consumers. Use words that will appeal to customer emotions and highlight the benefits of doing business with you.

Don't lose sight of your business personality and character though, because those make you different too. Yes, you want to be professional, but you have to also show your customers what kind of business you are. Provoke an image in their mind, use a familiar rhyme, or focus on local characteristics like a town name or specific region to create a catchy and creative business card slogan.

Once you decide you have the perfect slogan for your business, check to make sure no other company is using your slogan idea and register a trademark for protection. Using a protected trademark will add value to your brand with the assurance that the slogan cannot be taken from you.

Once that is in place, insert your slogan in all of your marketing channels. Placing your new slogan on your business cards is the first step because this forms the groundwork for your marketing efforts. Then continue to holistically market with your new slogan on your website, email, newsletters, etc. Keeping your brand identity consistent is so important when it comes to presenting your products and services to others. It's what can sometimes make or break a deal. is committed to helping protect your business through high quality business card printing day in and day out. Let us know if we can help you.

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