Catalog Copywriting Tips

Use these catalog copywriting tips to make yours professional every time.

10 Best Catalog Copywriting Tips

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If you're in the process of putting together a catalog for your business, don't make the common mistake of thinking that catalog content doesn't matter. Effective catalog copywriting is a skill that most business owners haven't cultivated, and sloppy catalog content can make potential customers view your business as unprofessional. If you are thinking about doing your own catalog copywriting, do yourself and your business a big favor and read as many catalog copywriting tips as possible. Successful business owners usually leave the copywriting to professionals because they know that the results are worth it. Before you decide to write your own catalog content, remember that your catalog will represent your products to prospective purchasers, so it's important to make the best possible impression.

Read on for catalog copywriting tips that work.

  1. The most important aspect of writing great copy is to know your audience. You can be the best writer on Earth, but your copy will fall flat if it's incorrectly aimed at a consumer group.
  2. Avoid making assumptions about what the consumer already knows about the product. Give them all the details they'll need to make the right purchasing decisions. Make certain that you cover all features and benefits of each item, and provide positive answers in advance of anticipated questions.
  3. Enthusiasm and confidence are contagious, so let it flow freely through your copy! Consumers can't help but pick up on passion for a product, so make sure your copy sparkles with positive energy.
  4. Use active voice to convey a sense of action in your copy. Don't simply describe what the product is used for, bring the consumer into your copy by saying something like, "Homeowners use the ABC Power Washer to keep home siding, pools, driveways, patios, and walkways free of dirt, dust, and grime."
  5. Focus on the benefits that your product or service provides to the consumer. The copy in your catalog is your chance to shine, so play up the positives in a way that makes readers want to know more.
  6. A reliable support team is key to cultivating a loyal customer base.Make sure that the contact information of your support team can be easily found in your printed catalog. Consumers often report feeling frustrated when this information is missing.
  7. Use your writing skills to create an emotional connection between you and the consumer. If your product solves a problem that the consumer is likely to have, discuss how the consumer can avoid unnecessary frustration by using the product. This will create an immediate emotional bond that compels consumers to make positive final purchasing decisions.
  8. Use a knowledgeable but conversational tone throughout your catalog. Consumers should feel as if they are receiving advice from a trusted, approachable expert.
  9. Before you send your copy to a catalog printing service, check it several times for redundancy. Most of us tend to use the same phrases over and over in our writing without realizing it, and this can weaken our message.
  10. Another must-do before your copy goes to the catalog printer is to perform a thorough proofreading job. Even minor typos in your catalog will make you and your company look unprofessional. Reading your copy out loud can catch embarrassing errors. It also helps to read it backward and to ask others to proofread it as well.


Once your copy is written, you can print the perfect catalog.

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