The font you use on any printed medium says something, if not a lot, about what type of business you run.

How To Choose the Right Fonts for Your Marketing Materials

The font you use on your business cards, postcards or any printed medium for that matter does say something, if not a lot, about what type of business you run. Not only should you match your font to your brand but also choose a font that is effective in getting attention. If you can accomplish both of these tasks, then you have chosen a winning font for your printed media kit. The following are a few tips on how to choose the right font. 

Stand Out Subtly
Traditional fonts are so common that they do not stand out like they are meant to, not even on billboards. In order for your font to grab your readers’ attentions, you will have to change things up a bit. Choose fonts that have the same integrity as the traditional fonts but with extra character. Postcards, brochures, posters and catalogs are the perfect media for slightly bolder or slightly altered fonts.

Match Your Brand
Some fonts lend themselves more naturally to certain industries. Chances are that a cursive font would look better for a ballet studio then a construction site. The type of business you run will narrow down your font options some, making your choice easier. 

Have Fun
Play with the shapes within your text as you develop the font that is right for you. Creating pictures out of text can be a very memorable addition to your posters and brochures. Try to be subtle as you do not want to come across with a ridiculous tone.

Choose Tested Fonts offers a few of the best fonts for postcards, brochures and posters. They are all very professional looking with a distinct stylish tone. Browse the web for professionally designed marketing media to see what types of fonts designers are using. Remember, the goal is to be different but subtle.

Use the Right Size
The size of your font is just as important as the style of font that you choose as well as its size in comparison to the overall area of your marketing medium. If your font size is too small and you’re working with an 11 x 17 poster, then recipients may not even try to read your information. Let’s take this example to illustrate - The general rule of thumb for business cards is for your company name to be around 12 to 15 pt. with your name or title in a 7 or 8 pt. font. Your contact information should be 1 pt. smaller than your name. Of course, these sizes will vary depending on also the style of font you choose, so play around with sizes until you find what looks the best for your print medium.

In the end, remember that the most important factor of all is that your font should match the personality of your brand no matter if you're printing postcards or posters. You could choose the most engaging font of all but if it does not match your brand, your audience more than likely will only remember your awesome font but not your company.

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