Printed greeting cards can be terrific marketing tools.

The Many Advantages of Wholesale Printing

Many companies print wholesale greeting cards and send them to both clients and co-workers for holidays, birthdays, thank you’s and sympathies. Instead of buying individual cards, order wholesale greeting cards to save money and time but also be able to personalize your corporate cards. is a wholesale printer that will provide high quality greeting cards at discount prices so that your greeting cards will represent your company image professionally.

Save Money
Buying greeting cards from a retail supplier will cost several dollars per card, but purchasing from a wholesale printer will only take cents per card. Blank envelopes will only add a couple more cents to your order.

Save Time
No longer waste valuable time browsing through greeting card racks for appropriate cards. Now you can just grab a card from your pre-ordered stack. Take advantage of the mailing services at to further cut time for a marketing campaign.

Choose fonts, greetings, and images that coincide with your company style. If you want to further cut costs, choose to print only a logo or signature inside so that your wholesale cards can be used for more than one occasion. The trick is to imprint your cards so that clients will easily recognize your brand.

Wholesale does not need to equal cheap. At, we ensure both wholesale prices and excellent quality. Our full color greeting cards come with the choice of two sizes, several stock options and coatings, and horizontal or vertical printing. For your direct mail campaign, will stuff, address, stamp, and mail to your client list. Visit, download a free layout guide, design your greeting card, and complete your custom order for greeting cards that enhance your company image.

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Greeting Cards can take your business to new heights! Capitalize on high quality printing at low prices every day.

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