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Tiffany Kaminski

6 Affordable Custom Tear Pad Solutions to Improve Your Brand

Page after page, tear pads increase their value by providing constantly accessible writing material. In addition, your business logo, name, contact information, and every element of your artwork, are kept in the forefront of the users’ minds. With tear pad printing, you can reduce marketing friction with potential or current clients while keeping within your budget.

Custom tear pads are great solutions for increasing your brand recognition in a subtle form. Your customers will come to you when they are ready to buy; not always right when you want them to buy. Take advantage of the timeframe in between your first pitch and closing the sale by using tear pads as an investment to make sure they come to you when they are ready.

Custom Printed Tear Pad

The most important factor for a custom tear pad is the artwork. If it has a simple eye-catching graphic, people will want to keep and use it. To turn one into a marketing tool, however, you can add a little bit of information or call to action. Make it subtle though. Don’t let the marketing message overpower the notepad.

Make your marketing efforts result in happy note-takers and increased awareness for your business by following a couple of these solutions.

  1. Increase brand recognition with Tear Pads

    Get to know the audience that will be using your tear pads, and make sure each pad has a cover with custom artwork that answers potential questions, provides general contact information, and summarizes your products. Use this as a canvas for building your first impression of professionalism and credibility.

  2. Show your company’s personality with tear pad printing

    Customers and clients want to like and trust you if they feel you can meet their needs. Make your custom tear pads speak to them so that they pause to think about your business. Make them want to know more as they interact with your tear pad each day.

  3. Optimize your custom tear pads

    It takes an average of seven times for a marketing message to be seen or heard, before someone acts on it. Custom tear pads are excellent marketing materials because you can optimize your message on each page. Keep the users engaged and interested and you'll be “in sight and in mind” instead of “out of sight and out of mind.” You can also give out updated tear pads with new artwork on a regular basis, so your audience has more go-to material (and more of your brand's message).

  4. Exceed your audience's expectations

    When was the last time you used an awesome tear pad and remembered what business it came from? Now think about what you can do with your project to stand out from the rest. Your internal team should be just as excited as your target audience about using the tear pads in meetings, conferences, and on their desks. They can even get creative and give away a few via a weekly contest on social media.

  5. Establish your business as a leader

    No matter what your industry, new resources and developments are changing the way markets perceive doing business. Show your audience that you have what it takes to be a leader in the industry by providing accessible resources on your tear pads. Include a web address at the bottom of the page for your business newsletters, podcasts, quarterly reports, or blog feed. Stay in touch with your audience, and they will remember why they chose you, the next time they need to do business.

  6. Communicate socially with tear pad printing

    Try printing your social icons strategically on your artwork. Encourage your tear pad audience to hop over to your social media channels to get the inside scoop on what's happening every day with your business. Encourage your customers and clients to give you a shout-out on social media, and be adamant about responding to them when they do. This line of communication will be a positive reinforcement for their impression of your business as a whole.

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