Choosing your company name is the most important step in branding your business.

8 Steps to Choose Your Brand Name

The first step to branding your business is the brand name itself. The name of your business should give an idea as to what services and products the business provides. However, it should not be so specific that it limits your ability to expand into other areas once the business becomes successful. For example, if you are in the wedding niche, you want your business name to be a generic one that includes all types of wedding items such as shoes, dresses, invitations and decorations. Although you might only start out by branding wedding shoes, don't choose a name that only hints at selling shoes or you’ll limit your business right from the start.

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Selecting brand names can be frustrating, but there is a way to wade through the branding process without letting it overwhelm you. Use the following suggestions to select the ideal brand name for your business. It will make the process much easier.

Step 1: Find words that are regularly associated with your business.

Start a list. Write down the words that people associate with your company’s products and services. If your business name does nothing to indicate what the business does, then future brand marketing will be much more difficult.

Step 2: Use a thesaurus to find all synonyms for your chosen words.

Create a list of words that are closely related to your first group of chosen words. This one step will provide significantly more ideas to use while putting together your brand name.

Step 3: Put these words together.

Start mixing and matching. Determine the type and amount of brand names that are possible for your business. Create two-word combos, or create combos that have three or four words. Avoid using initials as they are not memorable. Only create solid word combinations that'll make your name memorable and easy to understand.

Step 4: Narrow your word combinations down to the five with the most appeal.

Start testing them on people around you. How do others react to your selections? Do you feel comfortable telling people about your potential brand names? Order business cards with your top choices to determine which name looks best on paper. Does it make you feel like a professional? If a particular name doesn't feel quite right, it needs to go.

Step 5: Research the trademarks for your potential brand names.

Are others using these names? Get rid of all names that are already in use. Avoid incurring future legal fees by ensuring that no one else is using your chosen brand name.

Step 6: Select a business name.

It's now time for you and your business partners to select a final name. Once it is chosen, stick with it. There shouldn’t be any second-guessing once it’s final, so take the time to get everyone on board upfront.

Step 7: Share your new branding with the world.

The next step is to create a press release and to order new letterhead andenvelopes with your new brand name.

Step 8: Determine how brand marketing pays off.

Don't worry if someone criticizes your new business name. It takes time for brand recognition to kick in for most businesses. Even Google had to start their branding somewhere, and it wasn’t immediately positive. Ultimately through, they came out stronger.

In conclusion, choosing the best brand name for your business could take a while. Don't rush the process. People will recognize your business based upon its name. Impress them with a name that they’ll never forget.

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