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Customized folders add value to your presentation.

Emilie DesJardins

Boost Your Brand with Custom Pocket Folders

As the saying goes, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression" and you want yours to be an impression that broadcasts professionalism and attention to detail. Whether you are providing information to a potential client, an established customer, or employees, this holds true across the board. People tend to be a bit skeptical when presented with new information, so take every step to exceed their expectations.

Start with a small idea and create a big impression

A good idea to get you on the right foot is to use custom pocket folders to give your professional image a boost. Whether you are conducting a demonstration, pitching a product, or leaving a quote or a contract, customized folders will maintain a professional impression. They can be easily designed to sync with your company's color scheme, logo and overall branding strategy as well.

Printing Presentation Folders Using personalized folders adds impact and value to the information inside. It shows that added time and careful attention were spent gathering and organizing this information. This, in turn, implies how strongly you value their business and participation. It shows your clients that your business is concerned with meeting customer needs and has the ability to accomplish those goals.

Here are some points that will help maximize your custom pocket folders.

  • Place your company logo prominently on the front of the folder in addition to any other design used.
  • Create your pocket folder design to fit your style whether it is professional or casual.
  • Hold brochures, business cards, and other documents to support your presentation all in one organized place.
  • Use customized company folders to show you take pride in your company and the information you are presenting.
  • Design your personalized folder to reflect the style and color already associated with your company.
  • Choose durable stock when selecting the material; the longer your folder lasts, the longer clients will keep your subtle advertisement in use.
  • Choose the folder size according to the largest document you might use. This document should fit comfortably inside without peeking over any edges. Keep in mind the best dimensions may even be landscape.
  • Order business card slots for one or both of the folder pockets to keep your business card handy for clients.
  • Add a cd/dvd slot to include digital information as well.
  • Make a point to leave custom pocket folders with clients whenever possible. Your folders are not just a way to enhance your presentation, but also a successful way to advertise your company.

Leave the paper clips and blank folders behind and print customized folders to hold your information. Your recipients will be more likely to hold on to and find your contact information when they need it. You will create a polished personal image with matching business identity pieces.

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