Whether digital or in print, the importance of good design in catalogs will not change.

The Basics of Catalog Design

Catalog printing will be interwoven into the corporate advertising fabric for a long time to come. Whether catalogs will continue to be printed and mailed is yet to be seen as digital catalogs are becoming more prominent. But what will not change is the importance of good catalog design.

What are some basics that can guide you in your design process? Regardless of what kind of software you use or products you sell, keep these tips in mind and you can count on a successful catalog endeavor:

Appeal to lifestyles

Your customers have goals and dreams for themselves. These ideals are attached to particular lifestyles and images. Market your products in such a way that you are connecting with a lifestyle your customers may desire to reach themselves.

This means you need to have a strong understanding of what drives your customers before you begin developing your catalog. Your product descriptions and photos will be pointing towards these lifestyle images. Every aspect of your catalog copy, images, covers, and other elements should have the same theme and exude the lifestyle with which you are connecting.

Tailor for your audience

Are you developing a business-to-business (B2B) or a business-to-consumer (B2C) catalog? Each has their own formatting and design needs. Advertising to adolescents versus to the elderly are completely different. Make sure you know your audience and have selected a format that will appeal to that audience.

The product is king

You are in the business of selling. Make sure every element of your catalog drives customers to make a purchase. You do this by making sure the product is the center of all the design elements. Product photos should feature the product in use. Product descriptions should help the customer understand how your products will make their lives better. In short, the product is king and everything else should point towards it.

Every catalog is different and has a unique market with which it is attempting to connect. Appeal to your customers lifestyles, tailor every element of your catalog to your audience, and remember to keep the product as your focus. With these tips in mind, you can count on a successful catalog.

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