A high quality catalog can seem like a daunting task, but these tips can reduce the time you spend on your project.

Creating an Effective Catalog Design

Designing a high quality catalog can seem like a daunting task, but keeping a few tips in mind will help reduce the amount of time you spend on your catalog printing project.

When you create a custom catalog design, you must keep in mind that you are appealing to specific lifestyles or desires. Your products and services exist to help your customers gain the lifestyle to which they aspire; your catalog will show them how they can do it. With this in mind, tailor your catalog design to your audience, whether it is business-to-business or business-to-consumer. Remember the age group of your market; match your style with theirs and you will gain logo recognition and sales.

Showcasing Your Product

A general rule of thumb is that the larger the product photo, the greater the sales of that product. This should be considered when you are encouraging your customers to buy a new product, or tempting them to repurchase an old favorite. So, if you are advertising something new, make the new product photograph prominent in your layout. If you are promoting a classic, keep that image larger on the page than your lower sellers. High quality photographs and full color printing will help you achieve this goal; process color catalogs from PrintPlace.com provide you with the vibrant, sharp details your products deserve.

Once you have your product images ready to go, you must consider the accompanying descriptions and text. Keep your wording clear and concise. Avoid cluttering the pages with too many photographs and words. Follow consistent patterns and page layouts. Remember that when a reader is thumbing through your catalog, the eye is drawn to the top right corner; place your top sellers and promotions where they can be easily seen in that position. And of course, place your logo strategically throughout your catalog for high visibility.

Why Print Catalogs with PrintPlace.com?

When you choose PrintPlace.com as your online catalog printer, we provide you with the offset catalog printing services your business deserves. Remember that our turnkey direct mail service offers you the option to have your catalog sent through the US Postal Service without you leaving your office, enabling you to send your catalogs to your ideal demographic with ease. After all, at PrintPlace.com, we are passionate about printing.

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