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Why Choose Custom Catalog Printing Over Standard Options?

Catalogs are the ideal advertising medium when you need to grab attention with full color pictures and graphics. Custom catalog printing is especially important when you have many products to sell or a great deal of information you need to convey.

No two catalogs are alike, so you need a printer who can accommodate a broad spectrum of customized options. specializes in full color, custom catalog printing so you can get that perfect look. Don’t compromise with your catalog. Your customers deserve the best and can deliver.

Some of the custom catalog printing options can easily provide:

  • Size – a range of sizes are available from 6” X 9” up to 12” X 12” when the catalog is sitting closed.
  • Pages – a catalog as small as 8 pages (4 cover + 4 inside) up to 96 pages (4 cover + 92 inside) are available. Need more? Give us a call!
  • Cover – you can choose a cover that is the same type of paper as the rest of the catalog or use 10pt cover stock.
  • Quantity – as few as 250 up to 250,000 can be printed with our standard 7 day turnaround. Need more? Give us a call!

Just remember these tips when designing your custom catalogs:

  1. Catalogs are printed in four page increments, so make sure your design isn’t missing any pages.
  2. Turn in all artwork at 300 dpi to make sure that your prints come out looking professional.
  3. Use product pictures whenever possible so the customer can see what they are getting.
  4. Customers expect prices, so avoid the worn out “call now” slogan and include pricing whenever possible.
  5. Proofread your final product and be sure to get someone who has not been on the design project to read through it as well.

When in doubt, call our knowledgeable staff. Custom catalog printing can be a daunting task, so let the experienced professionals at help you deliver the perfect product.


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