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Effective marketing copy for brochures depends on convincing consumers to buy your product.

Answer These Questions for Stronger Marketing Copy

by Harry Williams - Last Updated on June 30, 2021

Effective marketing copy for brochures depends on giving consumers information that will convince them to buy your product. The most effective marketing copy tells consumers about the benefits your business offers them in products and services. Here are a few key questions your brochure printing piece should answer for stronger marketing copy.

Does the copy of your brochure define your products or services, educating consumers on the benefits your business can provide?

Benefits are a huge selling point with consumers. When marketing your business with brochures, it is imperative that you include a comprehensive account of what your products and services offer to consumers.

Does the copy of your brochure clearly delineate the differences of your products and services from that of your competitor?

Effective brochures will definitely mention the pain-points that your business eases for its customers. Tell consumers why they need to use the products and services your business offers.

Was the copy for your brochure written with the target audience in mind?

In depth knowledge of the target audience is meant to reach is vital to strong marketing copy. Research should be done to gain a thorough understanding of the age, gender, annual income, purchase frequency, and other key marketing factors. Your brochures will not be effective if this information is not available during design.

Does the copy of your brochure flow smoothly and quickly without creating confusion in readers?

Designers and business personnel should all have an intimate knowledge of the marketing benefits your brochure presents and should have no problem following the flow of the brochure. You cannot assume your targeted consumer market knows as much about your product as you do. Make sure that the information presented in your brochure makes sense to folks who have limited or no prior knowledge of the subject.

Does the copy of your brochure have a friendly, engaging tone?

Many consumers are put off when businesses take a condescending attitude with their marketing. For stronger marketing copy, be sure to keep it friendly and informative to keep consumers engaged in what they are reading.

Can your sales team distribute your brochures with confidence?

A brochure that has positively answered the previous questions will be a brochure your sales team can offer to potential clients without a second thought! 

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