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Writing Messages for Custom Greeting Cards

Searching for a greeting card that contains the perfect message for the occasion can be a time consuming task. When this is a professional card, whether for a coworker, business associate, or a client, it only adds to the complexity of just the right message. Often, once you choose the greeting card, you still need to add a personalized message inside to truly give the message you’d like to portray.

One way to solve this problem is to write your own messages and print custom greeting cards yourself. If this task sounds intimidating, it shouldn’t. You can actually save both time and money by creating your own cards, and it is easier than you might think. Plus, it’s a great way to create a personal connection with your clients. Simply choose a picture and write a message that is appropriate for the occasion. If you have several occasions your company typically sends greeting cards for, you could make one for each. Birthdays, get well messages, and thanks you cards are all common ones. You can personalize your design and message to your company to impress every recipient.

Personalized Greeting CardsLooking for the perfect font for your greeting card? Check out these cool fonts from Font Squirrel.

Not quite sure what to say? Use the ideas below to get your creative juices flowing.
  • Jokes:

    For an upbeat, comical tone, include a joke that will appeal to your audience. It’s best to avoid any crude or offensive topics though in a professional environment. You may want to write the introduction of the joke on the front page and put the punchline inside the greeting card.

  • Inspirational sayings:

    Place an inspiring photograph on the front of the greeting card and include a related message inside. Inspirational sayings can be witty, thoughtful, or serious.

  • Quotations:

    Include a quotation from a recognizable public or historical figure that your audience would know. You could incorporate a quote on the front of your card or by placing it on the left or top inside flap and the personal message on the opposite flap.

  • Holiday greeting:

    Include a short holiday greeting in your card. Keep your audience in mind when writing it. Unless you know each person personally, it is usually best to be inclusive of all traditions in your message.

  • Blank:

    You could even leave the interior blank for a more general greeting card to be used for a number of occasions. Design the front of the card for any time of year and make it a representation of your company. It could then be sent for sympathy, thank you, or even just "thinking of you" messages with a handwritten greeting inside.

Need more ideas? Do some research by visiting the greeting card section in a retail store. Of course you can’t use the published greetings word for word because that would violate plagiarism laws, but they can be inspiration for your own ideas. Bounce your ideas off of several people to further fine-tune the greeting. can then print your custom greeting cards with a professional quality that will make you proud to send them.

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