Holiday cards show existing and potential customers that your company cares about them on a personal level.

Using Holiday Greeting Cards In Marketing

Many companies send holiday greeting cards throughout the year to clients as a personalized marketing tool. Holiday cards show existing and potential customers that your company cares about them on a personal level. Whether for Christmas, New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day, Fourth of July, or any other holiday, set your company card apart from the rest with a unique design, logo, and custom message. Then use when your business greeting card is ready for print to receive a professional product at wholesale prices.

  • Your design should be different from the normal and generic tinsel, glass balls, Christmas trees, and manger scenes. Use a familiar image that represents your business but decorated for the holiday. Or use a generic scene but give it a unique twist, a manger scene in the bed of a pickup truck for a vehicle dealership, for instance.
  • Imprint your greeting cards with the company logo. You may even want to create a holiday version of the logo and print it as the front cover image. Personalizing with your logo helps clients recognize that the card is from your company.
  • Instead of merely including a standard holiday greeting, customize your card with a message written to the client. Thank customers for their business or thank other businesses for their outstanding work. You may want to thank clients or businesses for future interactions as a subtle call to action.
  • Printing your holiday greeting cards in wholesale quantities save you money. Avoid a cut in quality, though, by using a printer that can insure quality. At, we use the four color method so that your prints are professional. Use our electronic or next day mail proof to double check the quality and accuracy of your greeting card order.

So create a greeting card full of distinction and send to print through With free templates, mailing services, various printing choices, and more, we aim to make your custom greeting card order easy yet fulfilling.

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