Here are some tips on how to use and design inserts that grab attention.

What to Look for in an Inserts Printing Service

Inserts are an effective, inexpensive way to place an ad in a catalog or magazine, newspapers, and within product packaging. To make your ads successful, though, you need high quality inserts printing, otherwise customers may overlook you at a glance. Here are some tips on how to use and design inserts that grab attention.

Magazine and Catalog Inserts Printing
  • Can be used to advertise a subscription to readers, a highly targeted audience.
  • Could be a tear-out booklet or brochure that provides information on a product or service that readers can take with them.
  • Should be full color to capture attention more easily.
  • Inserts printing for subscription cards should be uncoated for easier writing on the card.
  • Brochures and tear-out booklets can be glossy to add a more professional look.

Freestanding Newspaper Inserts (FSI)
  • Used for generating new customers, creating sales, and driving store and website traffic.
  • Need to be full color and glossy to easily capture attention.
  • Check with the newspaper for a standard size.
  • Print double-sided to maximize the real estate and avoid an overcrowded design.
  • Give readers an incentive to contact you with a coupon or free promotional gift.

Package Inserts Printing
  • Can lead customers to website or store, create more sales, gather contact information, and provide extra information needed about the product.
  • Include discounts and other incentives for future purchases.
  • Encourage customers to send in their contact information for a free gift.
  • Give incentives for visiting your website.
  • Should be full color and glossy to improve brand image.
  • Can sell package inserts as ad space to companies with a similar customer base.

Who Benefits?
Newspapers, magazines, and catalogs can provide inserts ad space to businesses to increase revenue. Businesses can place inserts in the box packaging of their own or complementary companies’ products. Inserts are a great way to build a marketing relationship with other businesses.

When providing inserts printing options, your company will need to provide a printing company that partner businesses can use. With, you can really see the benefits of inserts printing with plenty of printing options, an easy order form with an Instant Pricing Tool, and even mailing services. Plus, their low prices, quick turnaround, and excellent quality is a must for successful insert advertising.

Small and large businesses alike can profit from inserts printing, so incorporate this cost-effective form of marketing into your strategy and see just how incredible inserts can be.

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