Print it right the first time with a political sample kit.

Tiffany Kaminski

Determine Which Print Materials Are Best for Your Campaign

To maximize your campaign, you need the highest quality materials in design and print, and you don’t have time for mistakes. Whether you need to print ballot materials, polling place notifications, return envelopes, or letterhead, you need high quality printing, paper, and coatings for a professional piece that will make a great first impression. As with everything you do for your campaign, giving your materials the professional look and feel they deserve is a must.

Political Sample Kit

That's why sample kits are a smart starting point for your campaign printing. Your team can make an informed decision by seeing and feeling what the finished product looks and feels like. There will be no second guessing and no need for reprints.

sample kit allows you to compare coatings and paper stocks side by side, so you can experience the look and feel of your materials. You'll also be able to compare the difference between digital and offset printing. Only printed materials can truly give you this distinction.

Sample kits will also come in handy for your designers as they prepare your materials. It will help them design and enhance each piece with consideration to your desired coating and paper type, and they can use the samples to reference what their completed project will look like.

Political Products

In order to evaluate the best marketing piece for your campaign, make sure to gather samples of every piece you will need. Some of the most popular items for campaign printing include:


You can request to have an exclusive political sample kit by calling if you’d like. It includes our original campaign artwork (also available in templates for your use) on samples of letterhead, postcards, business cards, door hangers, envelopes, and booklets. You do need to call our customer service department directly for this since it is an exclusive promotion for political campaigns. If you would like a specific sample of a product not included in our packet that you're thinking about printing for your campaign, our customer service representatives can accommodate this too.

Campaign Printing

Examine our high quality product samples yourself by ordering a Free Sample kit! We'll ship it free of charge right to you.

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