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A direct mail service will lay your campaign's groundwork where it matters most to you.

Tiffany Kaminski

The reasons your campaign needs direct mail

In any stage of a campaign, there's someone else out there creating competition for you and your team. What are you doing about it? Do you embrace it, challenge it, or ignore it? Depending on your team's strategy, you'll find that laying the groundwork for voter outreach is one of the most important efforts to a successful campaign – yet possibly the most time consuming.

Direct MailYou want to establish a relationship with local leaders, committee members, community groups, and constituents, that is transparent, engaging, and personable. This could take a lot of time, money, and resources that you could otherwise be putting to use in other areas. “How is that even possible?” you might be thinking.

Being proactive and efficient with planning and initiating your campaigns can make a huge difference in voter recognition for your name and branding. Developing this relationship with voters, donors, and supporters will increase their likelihood of financial support – and ultimately a check next to your name when it comes time to vote. Your team could spend hours upon hours sorting lists, printing letters, sealing envelopes, and taking a huge delivery to the post office. Or, by using a direct mail service, your team could instead be focused on a plan for the candidate's campaign message, and in-person visits to address pressing topics, thus driving the run for election up to a new high!

The benefits of using a direct mail service for your campaign can include faster turnarounds, mailing list processing, CASS address certification, inkjet addressing and delivering to USPS. Now that is efficient and economical.

Whatever pieces you decide to send voters: postcardsletters with return envelopes, door hangers, or flyers, has the tools to make it happen. Our customer service representatives are standing by to answer any questions about printing and mailing for your campaign. Call us, we make it happen!

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