Create printing that is high quality but doesn’t break your budget with these tips.

Printing on a Budget: How to Make it Work for You

Here at PrintPlace, we have customers with printing budgets of all sizes. Every customer though, no matter how big or small their budget, wants to make the most of each and every dollar they spend. That is something we understand, and we can prove to you that you don’t have to break your marketing budget to get high quality printing.

To get the most out of your printing dollar, we gathered a few suggestions to help. It just takes a little planning, but if you are resourceful, you can maximize your budget no matter what the size.

Research Your Printing Company

If you are in the market for a new printing company, chances are you’ve already Googled some top choices. Make sure to read reviews of current customers as well, before making your decision. These will give you a true picture of the experience and service you will receive while working with them.

Also, order a sample kit to see the finished products. When you see the paper, ink, and overall quality of the products with your own eyes, you will know exactly what to expect with your own printing as well.

Plan Your Design

Take a look at the amount of information you are including in your marketing piece. Can you combine two into one? You don’t want to overcrowd your design, but for example, you may be able to list two similar events on one flyer. Combine the explanations into one, then just list the two dates at the bottom.

This type of strategy is especially true when you are printing multi-page pieces like booklets. Can you cut down the number of pages in your booklet? If the audience receiving it is the same, try combining two booklets into one; for example, you might be able to combine your spring and summer catalogs.

More Planning

Time equals money for everyone, which means you can make that work in your favor if you plan a little further ahead. Printing jobs can be done as soon as the same day, but expedited service is more expensive. Plan, design, and order your printing a week or two before you need it and you will pay less for the same job.

Pick it Up

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you can save shipping costs from by having your printing job held at will call. Just mark “will call” when you place your order, bring your job number with you, and we’ll have it ready and waiting at our will call counter.

Start Printing Now

To print high quality and stay within your budget, you first have to find the right printer. Now that you found us, you can cross that step off your list. We’ll be happy to show you that it is possible to print at an affordable price, with quality paper and offset printing. We can prove it to you because we guarantee every job will be to your satisfaction.

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