Brochure printing is a great way to gain an advantage by making yourself and your abilities known.

How to Design a Real Estate Brochure

In a competitive business like real estate, any advantage is a good one. Brochure printing is a great way to gain this advantage by making yourself and your abilities known. With careful thought, you can present a well-portrayed image of yourself, giving clients the confidence to use your services over another.  
Step 1
Gather all of your accomplishments and write a rough draft. Put down on paper any awards and accolades you have acquired. Next, write about what makes you special. How do you stand out from other agents? Think about your ideals and beliefs on how to do business. Once you have that accomplished, it is time to edit. 
Step 2
Edit your rough draft by choosing from your notes the information that will best define you. Be careful not to include too much information, or your message could get lost. Find your focal point and stick to it. Your services and products should be the focus of your brochure. Only mention enough of your accomplishments to build your credibility. 
Step 3
Use graphs and photos to support your sales message. Not only will images make your brochures more pleasant to read, they can support the text of your brochures. Always include a picture of yourself. This will help to show you as a trustworthy professional. 
Step 4
Next, choose paper size and quality. This should be much easier now that you know how much space you need for your graphics and text. There are several different options. The most standard size is an 8.5"x11" tri-fold, but you could also choose 11"x17" in an accordion fold and much more. Whatever you choose, be intentional about every page of your brochure. White space can be effective but too much empty space leaves brochures feeling cheap. 
Step 5
Make your cover intriguing. Be sure that the first thing customers see isn't the only thing they see. The cover of your brochure should entice the reader to open it up and look inside. A catchy saying or unanswered question can do the trick. 
Step 6
Organize the inside of your brochure for ease of reading. The body of your brochure should be well-organized. People glance over brochures, reading the headings and subheads first, so use plenty of headings and fill them with information. This way, when readers just skim over the brochure, they will still get your message. 
Step 7
Include your contact information and logo. Real estate brochures should always include a call to action. Write action phrases like "Call me to look at some properties," "Check out my website," or "Stop by my office." In order for these phases to be effective, though, you must include all of your contact information. The back cover is a great place to be easily seen. 
Step 8
Proofread and send it to the printer. When proofing, read the brochure as if you were a customer. Your brochure should look attractive, be easy to understand, and contain no grammatical errors or typos. Once you are happy with the product, send a copy to the printer and be prepared to look it over one more time before giving your printer the go ahead.

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