The accordion fold fits nearly any look, from playful to corporate to mysterious, and works well for nearly any message.

How to Make the Most of Your Accordion Fold Brochures

Need a fresh, new look for your promotional materials? Then try replacing the overused tri-fold brochure or pamphlet with the intriguing accordion fold. This type of fold fits nearly any look, from playful to corporate to mysterious, and works well for nearly any message: consecutive information, maps, or a full-page brochure/poster ad, just to name a few.

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The accordion look is made by folding a sheet of paper back and forth into two, three, four, or more parallel folds. This allows for the document to open fully with one pull, like a fan. An accordion fold, also called a Z fold when folded only twice, lends itself to nearly any size, giving you the versatility needed for a custom look. And the design options are limitless. Print a map on the back side of a tour guide, leaving the entire front side for the historical information, tour schedule, and contact information. Incorporate a trail of glitter across panels and in between blocks of text for adding sparkle throughout a fashion brochure.

At, all of our standard and large-sized printing options come with the choice of either an accordion fold or Z fold. And with our high quality, full color printing, your accordion fold materials will look stunning as well as unique. So choose your options from our Instant Pricing form, add any mailing or art check services desired, and upload your documents. Then sit back, relax, and wait for your professional accordion fold materials to arrive in a timely fashion, ready to impress your clients with a format as appealing as your offer.

Accordion Fold: Benefits and Practical Uses

An accordion fold is a simple and cost effective method of layout for brochures or pamphlets but adds a unique look that helps your advertisement stand out from the crowd. With this folding technique, a single piece of paper is folded back and forth into two or more parallel folds that open like a fan allowing the paper to be opened fully with one pull. An accordion fold, also called a Z fold if only 3 panels, lends itself very well to consecutive information, maps, or a brochure that opens to a full-page poster ad. More benefits and uses of the accordion fold include:

  • Using the accordion fold allows for four, six, eight, or ten-panel brochures, giving you as much, or little, room as you need.
  • It saves added expenses incurred with binding and stapling, such as is necessary with most multiple-page booklets.
  • Smaller sized accordion fold documents can be tabbed and mailed directly to clients.
  • A convenient feature of the accordion fold is its simplicity: it does not require designing for panels of varying sizes, as in the case of Roll fold brochures, since all panels are identical in size.
  • Unlike tri-fold, gate fold, or double parallel fold brochures which require precise numbers of panels, accordion fold brochures can have as few or as many panels as are needed.
  • The accordion fold is ideal for delivering information in timeline or chronology format, useful for event brochures with day by day schedules, or a self-guided tour brochure that leads the reader from one point to the next. Being able to print an easy-to-open overview map of the event or tour on one side of the brochure is advantageous in both of these applications.
  • The design can stretch across the entire face of the paper, since an accordion fold opens flat with one pull. Try stretching a single, appropriate graphic through and between the text on each panel, for instance, a ribbon that winds across the page of a brochure advertising an accessories store.

Most any size of brochure or pamphlet, from 11x8.5 to 33.75x11, can be accordion or Z folded. Give your next promotional piece pizazz by using the accordion fold and watch the results unfold at the hands of your audience.

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