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Tiffany Kaminski

The Benefits of Using UV Coating on Your Print Job

No one likes to receive a postcard with smudged ink, or dirty fingerprints on their hang tag. When you know your printed pieces will be handled frequently, a protective UV coating is a must-have printing option. This will provide the strongest barrier against damage. It adds a layer of protection during shipping and distribution, so your customers receive them looking like they just rolled off the press.

How does UV coating work?

UV coating gives a high gloss finish. As the name suggests, high gloss UV gives an intense shine to a print job that creates a photo-like finish.

PrintPlace.com offers flood UV coating for products printed on our coated cover stocks. Flood UV application means the entire front and back surface of postcards or other printed material is covered all at once by the coating layer. UV applications dry using our ultraviolet lights.

Image of lupe tool on top of various printed samples.

Is UV coating right for you?

UV coating will protect your materials from wear and tear. We make sure that when you choose to finish your materials with UV coating, you choose the right paper weight so you receive the highest quality. You get a high-end look and stand-out marketing pieces that set you apart from your competition.

Not sure if UV coating is right for your specific project? Just call 877-405-3949, M-F (6am-10pm CT) Sat-Sun (8am-7pm CT) to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives. They will guide you on product choices, UV coating options, and UV coating requirements for use with our mailing services.

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