Improving Your Printing Projects

There are simple, inexpensive ways to improve any printing project, whether it's brochure printingpostcard printing, or newsletter printing. Using any of these tricks or a combination of them will help increase the appeal of your document and attract attention from your target audience.

Spelling and Grammar
The use of correct spelling and grammar can apparently not be emphasized frequently enough since so many brochures and newsletters are still printed with spelling and grammar mistakes! Taking a break before proofreading your brochure will help you take a fresh look at the content. Alternatively, you can ask a coworker to read over it. Double check any instances of “your” and “there” and other commonly misspelled words for accuracy. Use the "Find" function (usually ctrl + F) to look up specific words and review for grammar mistakes.

Clean up the Clutter
If you are worried your postcard or brochure printing is too crowded, then the chances are high that it is. Clean out the clutter: make sure everything in your document pertains to the purpose and message. Statements about your products or services should be emphatic, well-informed, and knowledgeable. Do not let indecision or doubt into your marketing materials; make sure that all of your text conveys confident assurance in addition to being on point.

Color Outside the Lines
Capturing the attention of readers is the main goal of all marketing materials. A great way to do that is to consider how you can modify your design to make the most of position, text, etc. One stunning way to create an irresistible brochure printing cover is to let your title or image go to the edge of the panel. With an image, stretch it into the bleed zone, beyond the trim lines, but with your title be careful about how close to the edge you get since some of the letters may get cut off.

Invert Font
Highlight important changes. Create impact by inverting the normal black type on white background to white type in a black background. Small types may not print well using this technique, so check with your printer beforehand. Usually the font needs to be over 8 point to use this attention grabbing format in your postcard or brochure printing.

No matter your printing project, the tricks above will bring the improvements you need to get better results. Remember, though, to always keep track of your brochure or poster results so that you know what works and what is a flop. Make changes as necessary to your designs until you start getting the ROI that you desire, and eventually you will have a tight marketing plan that runs like a money-making machine!

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