Common Business Card Printing Mistakes

Business card printing should be part of your long-term print advertising strategies. As such, there are a number of common mistakes that businesses tend to make when they start a business card printing project. This article discusses a number of common errors that can easily be avoided so your business card printing looks professional and represents your company the right way.

Poor paper
This is an easy mistake to make as most people are not professionals when it comes to paper selection. This is where a professional business card printing firm can help you make the right choice. The two general paper types are glossy and matte. Glossy paper is shiny and helps color graphics stand out on your business cards. Matte is not shiny and produces a warm, soft look and feel. Make sure that you use a heavy card stock so your business cards do not feel flimsy.

No color
Consumers have come to expect full color. Business card printing is no exception. This does not necessarily mean that you have to include a full color picture or graphic across your business card. Even using color for only your logo will make your business cards look all the more professional. Don't make the mistake of using only black and white on your business cards, as your competitors more than likely are using full color. Your customers will naturally be drawn to the colors on your competitor's card, creating the potential that they will get a phone call first.

Wrong fonts
Font styles and sizes are the two areas where most people make mistakes with business card printing. Make sure you select font styles that are easy to read. You do not want your customers squinting or simply discarding your business card because they cannot read it. Font sizes are equally as important. The smallest font size you should use is an 8 pt font, but a good rule of thumb is to keep your font sizes between 10 and 14 points.

No proofreading
Believe it or not, many business card printing projects end up in the trash because the business did not take the time to proofread the design before submitting it to a printing firm. Nothing is worse than getting a business card printing project back with a name spelled wrong or an incorrect title. These business cards are worthless and a new printing project will be required.

Wrong information
Many businesses include either too much information or too little information on their business card printing. Avoid using your business card to advertise specific products and services, unless you use the back of the business card for this information. At a minimum, make sure to include the following piece of information:

  • Company name
  • Your name
  • Your title
  • Direct phone line
  • Cell phone number if you travel
  • Direct e-mail address
  • Shipping address

With a little time and effort, your business cards can be the professional representatives that you need. Only don't forget to review this list of common errors for business card printing so that yours do not end up in the trash like so many others.

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