Here are a few tips and creative ideas to help you get the most out of double-sided business cards.

Double-Sided Business Cards Design Tips

With the limited space available on a standard business card, more firms are taking advantage of double-sided business cards as a way to incorporate coupons, product details, or just more information about their company. Here are a few tips and creative ideas to help you get the most out of double-sided business cards when you are ready to send a project to the presses.

Design Tip #1: Full color on both sides
Take advantage of full color printing on both sides of your card. This is a great way to make your business cards look professional and also tie your brand’s color scheme and logo together. Just make sure that your background colors and foreground text are in strong enough contrast to be legible.

Design Tip #2: Keep standard info on front
Make sure to put your standard contact information on the front of your business card and reserve extras for the back. You want your double-sided business card to still be a business card and not a brochure.

Design Tip #3: Graphics and pictures
In a number of industries, full color graphics and pictures are commonplace: real estate and art design are two examples. In other industries a simple design is expected: professionals such as attorneys and accountants, for instance. Know your industry standards to avoid an awkward impression. If you do use graphics and pictures, make sure they are at least 300dpi to get the highest quality images.

Creative Ideas for Double Sided Business Cards

Creative Idea #1: Go vertical
More and more business cards are vertical these days as a way to stand out of the crowd. You can use the front for horizontal presentation of your contact information, but use the back to catch your customer off guard with a vertical concept.

Creative Idea #2: Coupons
Use the back of your business card to offer a discount to customers. This is a great way to get them into your store and in front of your products. It also makes the card more valuable and encourages retention.

Creative Idea #3: Get rounded
Rounded corners are a new trend that give double-sided business cards an updated look. Just make sure that you don’t lose any information when the rounded corners are cut. Use the templates so the content on your cards is out of harm’s way, and double-check the digital proof to be certain.

Double-sided business cards are quickly becoming a necessity as more businesses look to use every available marketing opportunity to draw customers into their store or to give their business a call. has years of experience and industry leading price match, on time, and satisfaction guarantees, so you can be confident you will get professional results every time.

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