Make an impression and guarantee they'll remember your name with these 7 business card tips.

Want to Make Your Own Business Cards? Try These 7 Tricks

Business cards are an important part of making a connection with potential clients. Most people can not even remember the name of a person they just met. If you want people to remember you and actually give you a call, you need a business card to hand out. These tricks will help you to create and print business cards that will make an impression.

Keep Your Cards Consistent with Other Materials
Maintaining the same look and feel with all of your marketing materials appears professional and helps to brand your business. Your business card should have the same colors, typeface, and design style as your signs, labels, and brochures.

Be Creative
Your business card does not have to be white with black lettering. To make your card stand out, you need to do something different than everyone else. Use a full color design or add high gloss UV coating. You could also align your text on the right side instead of the left, or you could put a unique graphic on it. Just keep your type of business in mind. If your business is more traditional or serious, your card should reflect that. Choose an online business card printing company that will let you choose unusual elements, such as rounded corners, at a reasonable cost.

Use a Memorable Logo
Your logo should make an impact on people. Hire a designer to come up with a creative logo that reflects the personality of your business. If you need help finding a quality designer, ask your online business card printing company, as they probably have several designers that they work closely with.

Include Your Tag Line
Under your logo you should have a tag line that tells people the purpose of your business. Make sure to tell specifically how your business can uniquely benefit them. Keep in mind that consumers only want to do business if it is in their best interest.

Make Your Name Legible
Your name is very important. People are more likely to choose you over a competitor if they have a personal connection with you. If they know your name, they are on their way to knowing you, so make sure your name is easy to read on your card. Choose a readable font, and print your name out in a size that people can read without a magnifying glass.

Include Your Contact Info
Of course, you need to include the ways people can contact you, but be careful about including too much. Otherwise, you might end up using too small of a font size in an attempt to fit everything onto the card. When deciding what to include, keep in mind that your business phone, web address, and email are probably the most important. If clients have your web address, they can look up your physical address if they want to visit you in person.

Use the Back
Most online business card printing companies do not charge much more for double-sided business cards, so take advantage of the extra space. You could use this side to print out a coupon or discount. Or you could include more information about your business such as products or services you offer. Other ideas include a local sports team's schedule, industry-related tips, or even customer testimonials.

Business cards are a reflection of your company standards and image, so make sure to create a unique design and use a quality online business card printing company. The cost difference between printing them with your office inkjet and using a professional is minimal, but the difference in appearance and, therefore, perception of your company is incomparable.

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