Make your logo design look its best on your business card by following the proper steps for preparing it for printing.

Tips for Preparing a Business Card Logo for Printing

In order for your logo design to look its best on your business card, you will need to follow the proper steps for preparing it for printing. The size, color, and file type all have to be exactly right in order for the best quality.

Adequate Space
Logos need a “safe area” so that they look the way they should when printed. The lines of your logo should not be touching any other text or graphics. Also make sure that your logo remains within 0.125” of the edge of your design; otherwise, your logo may get cut when the printer trims your business card to size. 

Proper DPI
Usually the logo on a business card is 0.75” x 0.75.” If you design your logo at 1” x 1” which is 350 x 350 dpi, then you can size it more easily to fit the business card, and the resolution should be high enough for a quality outcome when printing. Remember, never copy your logo from your website to use on a business card, since web image resolution is usually only 72 dpi.

X and Y Percentages for Scaling
When you are in Quark or InDesign, you will have to check the graphic box where you place the logo.  Even a little bit of squashing or stretching will throw off your logo design. If you do embed your logo into your business card design, it is hard to tell on screen if the placement is correct. Always check your proof against your original layout if you have doubts.

Proper Color Space
For one color design, you can save your logo in gray scale. If you have two colors, you will need to save them separately. Make sure that the layers are identical so that when you overlay them they will look right. When you are using four colors, you will need to upload the CMYK color file so that the four process colors can be printed correctly.

Font Check
If your logo involves any text, then you need to ensure that your specific font is installed correctly. One way to check that is to look in the font menu of your application. If you find any faux italic or faux bold fonts, replace them with defined italic or bold from the font menu. In other words, when using bold or italic, only use a font that has these versions installed in the actual font family.

A Final Look
Before you upload your business card design for printing, take a final look. Many times it is helpful to get another opinion as well. Make sure that any changes you have made did not alter your logo design and location. Carefully look at the curls and tips on your font to see if they are consistent. You can never be too careful. 

Once you upload your business card design through, you have the option of looking at your proof online or having a printed proof sent to you overnight. Then you can double-check for errors before giving the final approval.

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