Internet businesses, small businesses, new businesses all need brochures to educate consumers and build credibility.

5 Ways to Improve Direct Mail Brochures

Direct mail brochures are an important piece of any marketing plan. Internet businesses, small businesses, new businesses all need brochures to educate consumers and build credibility. Just remember that brochure printing should work together with internet marketing, television advertising, and other print advertisements for the greatest impact. Here are a few more ways to improve direct mail brochures.

  1. Know what your readers want to know. Lay out the information in your brochures in a way that answers readers’ questions as they would arise in conversation. Begin with a brief index list that quickly summarizes the points covered in the brochure.
  2. Give readers a reason to look inside. The cover is the first page of the brochure readers will see, and that is where you must grab their attention and motivate them to read further. Your company name and logo are important elements for the cover of your brochures but you must also have a thought-provoking statement that promises the reader will discover benefits if they read further.
  3. On the inside cover, dive right into a paragraph about the needs of your readers, followed by a bulleted list of the brochure's remaining contents that will offer solutions to all of these needs. Making the benefits your business offers to customers the focus of your brochure is the best way to make it a big seller. Consider the problems potential customers have and use your brochures to tell readers how you are ready to help them solve those problems and be more productive.
  4. Along with using your brochures to sell benefits, make sure that you create a personal tone that connects with readers. You can also create an atmosphere that is suitable for your business: fast paced, business-like, warm, cozy, or professional. The more ways you can connect with the readers of your brochures, the greater chance they will read it and do business with you.
  5. Finally, include calls to action throughout the brochure: 
    a. “Call our helpful representatives for expert advice.” 
    b. “Check out our website for special internet offers.” 
    c. “Visit our store to see the full product line.”

Each page of your brochure should have at least one invitation that leads the customer to make contact with your business. Not everyone who reads your brochure will need your services at that time, but incorporating these tips will create brochures your readers will remember when they their need arises.

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