Printing your postcards does not have to be cheap nor expensive.


Why Cost-effective Direct Mail Postcards May be Your Most Potent Marketing Tool

Postcards can be anything from simple to the most extravagant and high quality products, and this means that they can also be anywhere from dirt cheap to impractically expensive to produce. As a person of business, obviously your goal would be to spend as little as possible in order to get the high returns you are aiming for, and fortunately there are several ways to accomplish this. offers you these simple tips for cutting costs without cutting profit out of your direct-mail postcards.

Standard specs are cheaper.
In any marketing material, setting custom specifications always means that you would be paying more than normal. While it’s true that customizing would make your postcards more noticeable, you’d also have to consider whether the value you'll receive will be worth the extra money you will be paying for it. If not, don’t hesitate to go with standard sizes, as long as you can put enough of your company’s identity onto your card.

Make your postcard one-sided.
Better to have one awesome side than two unimpressive sides to a postcard. Some will choose to go full-color on one side while leaving the other blank, which definitely makes for lower costs. To clear things up, this doesn’t mean that your postcard is necessarily half effective. It just means you have to make sure that it can do more with half as much coverage. After all, one side of a postcard is usually enough to convince customers to join in on the fun.

Print and mail in bulk.
Printing in small batches would only mean that you will be spending more per piece in the long run. It is therefore better to do your printing and mailing in bulk, which might look more expensive at first glance but would ultimately save you money in the end. It all depends on whether you’ve found yourself a trustworthy commercial printer that would offer reasonable prices as well as guaranteed quality printing and mailing service.

Printing your postcards does not have to be cheap nor expensive. The important thing is to know just how much you are willing to spend on this strategy as well as how you can make the most out of your money. And if you’re still confused, you can always ask your chosen commercial printer.