Following some basic graphic design rules is vital to the effectiveness of your posters.

Rules for Poster Design (That Are Meant to Be Broken)

Posters are an advertising tool meant to capture the attention of customers while on the move. Poster printing is not worth the cost unless it successfully brings a high ROI. The difficult part about designing posters is that they have to be able to capture attention in one glance, and in that one glance, a reader should be able to immediately discern the message. Therefore, following some basic graphic design rules is vital to the effectiveness of your posters.

  1. Limit your text. A good rule of thumb for maximum text use is 1/3 text to 2/3 visuals.
  2. Choose an image or two that portrays your message well. Images should be able to capture attention and also relate to the purpose of the poster.
  3. Use no more than two font types and only three or four font sizes. Order of importance determines which size to use for text. For instance, the headline should be the largest, while the benefits should be a smaller size.
  4. Don't go overboard on color. The background should be a muted color or should contrast the text color.
  5. When it comes to the layout, leave lots of space. Control the eye flow by grouping information logically and using space to draw the reader through the layout.
  6. Design more than one layout. Try different colors, fonts, and sizes to see what is most appealing.
  7. Finding the right company for poster printing can be a hassle. Use a wholesale printer for low cost but also make sure to find one that uses the four color method. A printer should offer several sizes, paper types, and other services that you might need.

Don't forget that posters are for reaching a large amount of people in certain areas, so once you have designed an intriguing poster, place it in the locations with the highest traffic. Then sit back and wait for the results of your tasteful and appealing poster.

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