Here are some great suggestions to let your catalog sell your products on its own, without a verbal sales pitch.

Better Merchandising Techniques for Your Print Catalog

To get the most out of your print catalog, try enhancing your products with some creative merchandising techniques. Let your catalog sell your products on its own, without a verbal sales pitch. Here are some great suggestions for your catalog. 
Group supporting products together. 
Take several products that compliment each other and group them in a photo. This takes the guess work out of putting items together for the customer. These items should not be similar. They should go together so that they can be sold as a set. In fact, create a unique item number for the group as a whole so that they can be sold together or separately. 
Show the products being used. 
It helps customers to see products in use. Clothing looks more appealing on a person than laid out. Also, photos with people enjoying your product will send a good message about it. Customers can more easily see themselves using that product when they see others using it. 
Give products a new life by renaming them. 
Calling an item by a new name gives it a new edge. A-line skirts might be more appealing once they are named "dancing skirts." A curio cabinet sounds much nicer then a shelf. Be creative with your product descriptions and you will more easily sell your products.  
Slim down to products that sell. 
Consider editing out some of your products that don't sell. Giving more attention to the items that do well will benefit you greatly. More is not always better for a print catalog. If you want to keep all of your products available even if they are not selling, consider placing them on your web site as "web exclusive" products. This will save you space in your print catalog and perhaps create intrigue in the non-selling items. 
Write a summary that sells your product. 
Use summary space wisely and use creative wording to encourage sales. You can talk up a dust mop and make it sound fabulous. Talk about every feature of your product however small. For example, describe what the product is made out of and how it will make the consumer's life easier. 
Take the time to properly merchandise your products and you will see results: your print catalog will become your greatest selling asset! 

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