Color has a large impact on they way we react to certain situations, and this is especially true of design.

Color Meanings and Business Card Design

Most people have a general idea of the effect colors can have on you. You might have heard that a kitchen should never have too much blue decor because blue ruins your appetite. You have probably also heard that red can raise your heart pressure. In all actuality, there is truth behind these ideas. Color can have a large impact on they way we react to certain situations.

When dealing with business cards and color, consider the reaction you want your business cards to create. Do you want your potential customers to feel motivated, relaxed, or valued? Color can be used to give your audience the subconscious feeling you desire them to have, so decide on this first before choosing your colors.

Chosen by most extroverts, red is an energetic and passionate color. It is said to increase enthusiasm and interest. On business cards, red can excite your customers and move them act on your offer.

Pink provides a feeling of caring, tenderness, and acceptance. When you need to neutralize disorder or feel relaxed, pink is your color. You might choose pink for a business card when your business should make people feel caring and supportive, like a charity.

Conventional and earthy, brown sets the stage for a solid wholesome feeling. It often gives the feeling of conventions and orderliness. Brown on a business card will give a professional feel, like you mean business.

Liked by people who are usually sincere and thoughtful, orange is associated with creativity and vitality. Orange is said to spice things up and provide relief from too serious situations. Orange might go well on a card for a crafty or artsy professional.

Wisdom is symbolized by yellow, as is joy and happiness. People of high intellect prefer yellow. It is said to give sharper memory and concentration skills. Yellow makes decision-making easier and provides relief from nervousness, good for any business.

Well-balanced and safe, green is a color of growth and freedom. Green gives a feeling of protection from fears and creates a desire for change. Green is also associated with the environment and with wealth.

Blue is conservative and calming. When you need to give a feeling of peace and solitude, blue should be used. Blue is the color to open the flow of communication and open your mind to learning new things. Great for business cards for schools and also spas.

White is the manifestation of the presence of all colors. It is said that white represents purity and a fresh start. White can be used to bring mental clarity and clear clutter.

The absence of color can be considered a restful experience. Black can create mystery and encourage preparation for the unknown. Choose the color or colors that work with your line of business and your personality. Remember, your business cards represent you and your company, becoming part of your brand identity. Choose colors that you will be happy with for a long time to come.

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