Brochures: Glossy or Matte Paper?

A common question posed to printing professionals is whether or not a business should use glossy or matte paper for brochure printing. In reality, there is no single better option since it really depends on your project. Most people reach for glossy paper by default for their brochure printing project. This is not necessarily wrong, but there are many instances where a matte paper may be better.

Ever glamorous glossy

Consumers have come to expect glossy paper. There is no way around it, for full color pictures and graphics on glossy paper simply looks fantastic. Images jump off the page with eye catching brilliance. With all of the wonderful benefits of glossy paper, it is easy to see why brochure printing with glossy paper is so common. Simply put, for full color pictures and graphics glossy paper is probably your best bet.

The case for matte paper

Matte paper is associated with a warm, soft, glowing effect. This can be especially effective for designs that do not include full color pictures. If your brochure printing design incorporates color graphics and images that include gradients and drop shadows, matte paper may surprise you. If your brochure printing should look warm and soft, consider that less light is reflected back to the eye with matte paper, resulting in a gentle glow.

Personal preference

Brochure printing is an important part of business advertising, so paper selection should be taken seriously. Yet you can’t really know what looks best or feels right unless you can do a side by side comparison. Ask your professional printing firm to send you a proof on glossy and on matte paper. Step back and see which version strikes you as the best paper for highlighting your brochure printing design features.

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