Business card printing is a fundamental advertising format that you cannot afford to pass over.

Business Card Layout Ideas

Business card printing is a fundamental advertising format that you cannot afford to pass over. The cost alone makes business card printing invaluable as no other print advertising format has such a low cost per piece. But what does it matter if your business card does not communicate effectively with your customers? This is where layout of your information comes into play. In this article we talk about effective ways to put your information onto your card.

Logo placement  
First of all, you need to put your logo onto your business card as this is the centerpiece of your brand. The logo should be displayed prominently so that your customer sees this first. There are lots of ways a business card layout can accomplish this efficiently, but using color in your logo is the easiest way to make it stand out.

Standard fare  
Normally your logo would go in the upper right corner of your business card. The reason for this is that Americans read from left to right, top to bottom. The natural place for them to look for your most important information is in the upper left corner. Your company’s name and your name should be located near your logo so that your customer quickly identifies with whom it is they will be working. Finally, put your contact information in the space available. This is usually reserved for the bottom and bottom right of the business card.

Go vertical  
A common method for breathing a little creativity into business card printing is to rotate the card 90° so that the card is read facing vertically. Your logo would then most likely be placed at the top with your business and personal name immediately below the logo. Your contact information would then be along the bottom. This is a nice way to accomplish the same basic layout with a different perspective.

Business card printing is incredibly affordable these days, so no one should go without. Basic layout is important so that your customers can quickly find your card and get the right information off of it. Poor layout can result in an amateurish look, which in turn can leave your customer with a bad impression of your business. 

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