While business cards are arguably the simplest advertising form, they can also be the most difficult to design.

Basic Business Card Layout

While business card printing is arguably the simplest advertising form, it can also be the most difficult to design. The main difficulty arises from the fact that there is precious little space. You have to fit a great deal of important information onto a few square inches. You also have to reinforce your brand. All this has to occur while still needing the business card design to be visually interesting.  The limitations of the business card layout can leave you with a generic looking, boring business card.  Be careful, though, when experimenting.  This article discusses several ways that you can play around with some interesting layout ideas while staying within the range of professional design.    

Extreme contrasts  If your business card feels a little generic, you can try simply dividing the card into two halves of opposite colors.  This will work even if you are only printing a black and white.  There are endless ways to create contrasts on your business cards, but the trick is to keep it simple.     For example, make the left half of your business card black and make the text white.  Keep the right half of the business card with a white background and black text.  Of course, this may look a little awkward so you may have to move the information on your card around for it to look right.  This is just one way to use contrasts to make your card stand out.    

Perpendicular  Try rotating portions of your text, such as your tagline, to run perpendicular or 90°.  You may also want to try this with your contact information and name.  This approach can make your business card visually more interesting, while still including the necessary information.    

Pictures  A recent trend has been to use half of the business card for a vibrant picture while reserving the other half of the business card for your information.  The two sections are divided by the gradient which helps smooth the effect.  Try using your own picture so that your customers will have a name with a face if they have not already met you.    

Offset or center  Another common method for experimenting with business card layout is to offset or center certain elements.  If your logo and name are smack dab in the middle of your business card, try moving them all the way over to the left and putting your information on the right.  By experimenting with offsetting you can retain the essential elements of the card while playing around with a different look and feel.

Business Card Printing

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