Door hangers are a classic low cost advertising method that puts your offer directly in front of customers.

Promotional Door Hangers

Door hangers are a classic low cost advertising method that puts your offer directly in front of customers. Using promotional door hangers for marketing purposes is still a good idea and easily accomplished with an online printer. Promotional door hangers offer the unique ability to tie your message to the door or door knob in a humorous or practical way, or for added emphasis, they can be combined with a postcard mailing or poster campaign. Use the following design and distribution tips for door hangers that get you the results you desire.

  • Combining your advertisement with a message that can be used for a long period of time adds value to your marketing dollar. A message as simple as Baby Sleeping or No Solicitors may keep your promotional door hanger in use for months to come, keeping your business name in front of potential customers on a daily basis.
  • Another way to customize your door hanger is to double it as decoration for holidays. Use one side for a holiday greeting that can be used as a holiday door-knob décor. Reserve your offer, contact info, and logo for the other side. And be sure to make it an appealing design so that it gets used.
  • There are plenty of options for distributing promotional door hangers. The traditional method of going through neighborhoods and hanging them on door knobs is still active, and some businesses distribute them through the mail. Door hangers would also be a great sales counter promotional item for in-store customers to leave with. Take a note from pizza restaurants and attach a door hanger, perhaps with coupons on the back, to customer deliveries.
  • A great way to create a promotional door hanger is to disguise it as a novelty door hanger with a subject related to your industry and sell it or give it away to your customers. Selling door hangers with humorous anecdotes, or even safety reminders, that are particular to your customers' industry is a great way to make your store memorable and keep customers coming back for more. You may even want to incorporate your logo in one corner.

With so many creative ways to get your company in front of customers through the use of door hangers, you are sure to find a way to incorporate them successfully into your marketing campaign, and maybe even replace some of your more expensive, less effective promotional materials. So make a plan, design a dynamic layout, and order your promotional door hangers today.

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