Create an Effective 5 x 7 Postcard Campaign

Here are some great ideas to help you design an effective 5x7 postcard.

Create an Effective 5 x 7 Postcard Campaign

by Harry Williams - Last Updated on May 27, 2021

Whether you're designing postcards for reselling, promotions, or events, 5 x 7 postcard printing services let you take the wheel. The slightly larger size gives you that much more space to create the perfect marketing piece for your business.

Effective 5 x 7 Postcard Design

To help your 5 x 7 postcards be successful, here are five ways you can create an effective postcard and track its success over time:

  1. Include a couple sentences of copy explaining your offer, special, or event.
  2. If you include a coupon, make the discount code obvious or ask the recipients to mention the postcard when making their purchase. Make sure to list any expiration dates and terms and conditions as well.
  3. Have a relevant attention-grabbing headline that stands out from the rest of your postcard's copy. This will allow you to direct their attention exactly where you want it.
  4. Don't expect your target audience to do too many things at once. Give them a primary focus, such as an offer.
  5. Have one clear call-to-action. This is ultimately the purpose of the postcard, and should be the takeaway for anyone reading it.

These five tips will have you on your way toward increasing response rates for your campaign. After a test mailing or two, you will be able to gauge whether planning a sequence of larger postcard mailings is right for your business. A monthly schedule of planned every door direct mail postcards will help you build consistent brand awareness and generate a reputation in the minds of your clients, customers, or vendors as an expert in your field.

Your postcard campaign is unique unto itself because your competitors can't copy it! They might see the actual piece but they won't know the full story. They won't be able to tell how many printed postcards you sent, who you sent them to, or what's coming next; only you know that! Now that's a competitive edge.

For faster and more affordable pricing, find a printer that can print and mail from the same place, then get started on your postcard project!

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