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Show elegance in a single look and at the first touch. 

  • Water & tear-resistant material stays good as new
  • Silk is elegant to the touch & easy on the eyes
  • Choose from handy to large flyer sizes
  • Add spot UV to highlight important elements

Silk Flyer Printing Engages Your Audience Elegantly

Show off your luxury brand’s latest event or product launch with silk flyer printing. Silk lamination delivers a silky smooth, ultra soft tactile experience to your business flyers and adds to the cardstock’s durability.

Style That Doubles on Substance

With one touch and look, you can feel and see the distinction of silk flyers.

  • A supple texture combines elegance and strength thanks to the material's water and tear-resistant features.
  • Silk lamination adds thickness to the 16 pt. cardstock, so your flyer is built to last and stays fresh.
  • A wide range of handy and easy-to-keep sizes that include 4.25" x 5.5" and 5" x 7" to the larger 6.25" x 9" and 6" x 11."
  • Add spot UV printing to contrast the matte surface and draw attention to important details.

These flyers are printed on 16 pt. cardstock that boasts of the following features:

  • A sturdy cardstock that can withstand wear and tear
  • Silk lamination increases its thickness to 18 pt.
  • Comes in a smooth surface that’s easy to read

Create your own custom flyers and have us print them today. Our print experts are available for any specific questions or clarifications.