Marketing Postcard Ideas That Work

Postcards are an excellent marketing tool with the right ideas.

Marketing Postcard Ideas That Work

by Harry Williams - Last Updated on May 27, 2021

Postcards are an often underused marketing tool that deserve more play time. Postcard printing is inexpensive, and postcards get more attention than other direct mail pieces. Without an envelope, postcards have a chance to instantly communicate your message, which means they are more likely to be read than other forms of direct mail. Along with these benefits, you can maximize your postcard’s potential by trying these postcard marketing ideas.

Send Multiple Cards

Since postcards are inexpensive, you can afford to send a lot of them. Repetition is the key to effective advertising, so send a series of marketing postcards to your mailing list. You could send one every two weeks or one per month for several months.

Either way, develop a theme for your postcard series based around its goal. This will tie the individual mailings together over the course of the campaign. For instance, you could send monthly calendars with a list of events that your business will be hosting. You could give tips related to your industry. If you own a restaurant or bakery, you might send a series of recipes right on the postcards.

Use an Irresistible Headline

Grab the recipient’s attention with a great headline. Announce a special offer or describe a benefit that customers receive from doing business with you. Keep it to ten words or less so the headline can be read at a glance.

Color is another great way to get attention; bright colors and a single strong graphic or photo will make your postcard pop out of a stack of mail.

Send Postcard Coupons

Encourage people to do business with you by printing coupons right on your postcard. You can even have the coupon perforated since this will encourage customers to tear it out and hold onto it.

Printing coupons on your postcards is also an easy way to keep track of their effectiveness. Just save the postcards (or coupon itself) when it is redeemed. From that you’ll easily be able to determine your return on investment.

Mail Cards to New Residents

Convince newcomers to become loyal customers right from the start. Purchase a mailing list of names and addresses of people who recently moved to town and send them your marketing postcard. Repeat this mailing to a new list each month and watch your clientele increase.

Include a Call-to-Action

Make sure to give your potential customers an action to follow up from your marketing postcards. Whether you make this an offer to take advantage of, a number to call, or an event to attend, you don’t want to lose them after the postcard, so give them a reason to contact you.

To take advantage of postcard marketing, go for customized postcards to capture what appeals to your customers or to get that brand identity. You will not only get more for your advertising dollars but will also start seeing results almost immediately.

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